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Skylight Ventilation

When you want to enjoy natural lighting and fresh air, skylights or roof lighting is a better option. It refreshes your body and keeps your mind cool. Skylight also give you relax from depression, enhance your working capacity, produce healthy environment in homes.

Skylight Ventilation

Skylight is an innovative method of natural lighting. It allows natural light come down from rooftop throughout a reflective tube or a big doom and window and provides the light whole of the day. These skylights confine sunlight and give splendid lighting in early morning or late afternoon even in cloudy days. The skylights provide natural lights 8 times more than the windows and doors do. While fixing skylights, ensure that proper sealing is made to prevent leakage through windows during rain. Skylights are also known as roof lights, skylights or glazed opening in the roof.

Benefits of Skylights

  • Sunlight provides healthy atmosphere for occupants of the house and this can be possible through skylights. It reduces electricity bills and darkness in the house.
  • Skylights also increase the loveliness of the house and make them look luxurious.
  • Skylights are too good for hospitals as proved that the recovery of patients is increased where enough natural light exists.
  • In direct sunlight students can learn and concentrate better, gain their health that’s why skylights are as important for classrooms and schools as for the hospitals.
  • Natural lights can increase the working capacity of an individual and be it factory or office and increases productivity of the organization.
  • Provide natural sunlight and proper ventilation to the house.
  • Reduce the energy/electricity bill.

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