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How to clean ceiling?

The cleaning of ceiling is done first to avoid any dust marks on walls, furniture and floors. Regular cleaning of ceiling creates hygienic environment in the house. The cleaning of ceiling is a tough job and depends on dust or dirt accumulated on the surface of ceiling. Here are given some easy tips to clean the ceiling.   

  • Remove cobwebs: Cobwebs in corners of rooms make your room look unhygienic. To get rid of cobwebs, make use of cobweb brush. The brush should reach every nook and corner of the ceiling in order to eradicate any traces of cobwebs as some cobwebs are not easily seen. 
  • Utilize vacuum cleaners for textured ceilings: To clean ’spray-on’ textured ceilings, make use of a vacuum cleaner having a long extension and fitted with a soft brush tip. If you apply wet or wipe-down cleaning technique, the texture of ceilings will be affected adversely.   
  • Utilize damp sweeper to clean oily ceilings: Dirty and oily ceilings of kitchen should be cleaned using damp sweeper which is already treated to clear dust and filth. Take sponge and immerse it into the solution of cleaner and water. Now squeeze the mop and clean the surface to minimize water dripping. Make the surface of ceiling dry to eliminate water spots. 

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