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Kitchen Countertops

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Countertops are focal points while decorating interiors of a kitchen. Several kitchen countertops like granite countertop, marble countertop, laminate countertop etc. are available in the market to enhance the beauty of kitchen. The choice of countertops you opt for your kitchen purely depends on your budget. Select a countertop that endures cuts, heat, dampness, grease and corrosion and complements cabinets, appliances etc in the kitchen.  Here are given a few choices of countertops.

  • Granite countertop: Granite is widely used for kitchen countertops and enhances elegance of the kitchen. It is long lasting, maintenance-free and does not let bacteria grow randomly. Granite countertops are inflammable when any hot pots are set on them. The granite being made from hardest materials like diamond absorbs stains.
  • Marble countertop: Marble countertops offer luxurious look to the interior of your kitchen. These countertops are waterproof, heatproof and beautiful but require regular maintenance. Such countertops are very expensive, porous and stain easily unless sealed properly. They can get scratches and need periodic sealing.
  • Laminate countertop: Laminate countertops are available in a variety of styles, colors, and textures. The countertop is impact resistant, quite easy to clean and maintain, durable but not permanent. It offers good looks forever if proper care is taken. It has a drawback as it is impossible to repair scratches and cuts.

Granite countertop

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Bedroom Flooring

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Bedroom flooring must be soothing, refreshing and attractive as bedroom is the place of relaxation and recreation.  It should give aesthetic sense to create romantic atmosphere to the room. The flooring should be easy to clean, anti-slippery and give elegant look to the beauty of room. A few bedroom flooring types are given.

  • Marble flooring for bedroom: this flooring is durable, easy to clean, scratch resistant and offers soothing effect. It’s attractive and adds to the beauty of bedroom. It is available in a variety of colors and styles and provides a classy look to the bedroom.  Marble flooring does not warm up quickly but needs extra care to maintain.
  • Vinyl flooring for bedroom: vinyl flooring is budget-friendly, water resistant and provides a soft feel to the feet.  It is easy to clean, install and maintain and becomes a popular choice because of pleasant look. This flooring remains good in any toughest condition.
  • Wooden flooring for bedroom: This flooring is natural and versatile and offers warm look and serene atmosphere to bedroom. Wooden flooring gives a pleasant feel if whole bedroom furniture is made of wood. This flooring is durable and comfortable but needs to be protected from dampness and water.

Marble Flooring

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Advantages of Modular Design of Kitchen

Friday, September 5th, 2008

A modular kitchen comprises of a combination of sink and furniture. It has straight lines and enhances the beauty of home. The cabinets of dark wood and bright vibrant colors are in trend for modular kitchen. They are very useful for easy functioning of the kitchen. These kitchens have latest styles of doors, cabinets, hardware etc. The front of doors and cabinets usually has glass.

The main advantage of modular kitchen is that you can easily carry your cabinets and modules in a box and fit into your new kitchen. It is easy to clean and even any part of the kitchen can be repaired. This kitchen provides clutter-free space to easily work in the area. Let’s find out more tips on modular design of the kitchen.

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