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A Fascinating Drawing Room

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

The furnishings of drawing room have great impact on every visitors, guests and friends to the house. It includes sofas, centre and side tables, display cabinets, dressers, futon chairs, beds and bean chairs. If there is enough space in a corner, keep a corner sofa there. But if there is little space, normal sofa accompanied by decorative stands and plants enhances the beauty of room. When it comes to comforts in drawing room, you can opt for modular furniture which has matching sofas, side tables and chairs. Luxury furniture often grabs attention of every visitor to the house. French cabinets offer more storage space than usual cabinets and their gentle curves add elegance to living space. You can place beautiful and classic vases, lamps and clocks at corner tables or light up decorative candles for serene look. Use wall space to add Venetian mirror that adds to the richness of drawing room furniture with its intricately carved frame.  

Beautiful Drawing Room

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Interior Decoration

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Interior decoration refers to the decoration and furnishing of interior spaces in homes, offices and other buildings. It includes lighting, color, texture, paint, furniture, flooring, fabric installations, window treatments and proper organization of decorative accessories. In fact interior decoration is a renovation of a home or building. Here are given some useful interior decorative tips.   

Go for functional interior design decoration
Ornamental interior design makes your home conspicuous. Try to use stencils since they use a small amount of paint and are fun to do in an economical way, but are labor intensive. They can be used almost anywhere from floor to ceiling, even on furniture.

Opt for eye catching lighting
If you want to enhance interior decoration of your home, you need to be creative and learn through experiences. A good lighting can change the tone of interior décor of your home. Various colors and shades of lighting make interior decor superb. Coupe lighting placed in the depth of ceiling gives a new feel of decoration.

Spruce up living space timely
Liven up your space by changing colors or accessories to suit climatic or seasonal theme with the passage of time. This can be done by altering cushions, vases and flowers, interior pictures and artworks on walls etc. You can opt for false ceiling and POP ceiling to make interior decoration surprising.

Living Room

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Cushion Covers

Friday, May 8th, 2009

Cushion covers enhance interior beauty of your home and do up your home wonderfully. Cushion fabrics of various color accents such as cotton, linen, silk, wool, polyester, rayon, satin, and velvet, damask add a luxurious touch to the prettiness of your home. You can opt for cotton cushion covers which are hygienic, elegant, and contemporary and can go well with any interior décor of your home.

Interior décor of a home remains incomplete till it is furnished with colorful, embroidered and contemporary cushion covers. The covers are available in a large variety of wonderful textures and designs and can turn your room into pleasant zone. The covers having different shapes like square, rectangular, round, oval and other embroidery shapes like flowers, animals, stars etc. enliven your living room. The covers may be decorated using mirror work, prints, embroidery and patch work on them. Thus cushion covers are very practical items to revamp your living room in addition to protecting your cushions from dust. 

Elegant Cushion Cover

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Living Room Sofas

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

The beauty of living room is imperfect till it is furnished with sofas. To boost up the loveliness of living room, opt for the sofas that match up with wall paints and other articles of furniture in the room. They are used for relaxation in quiet movements while watching TV, listening to music or enjoying a match with friends. Sofas offer comfort and luxury to the room. It depends on you to select right kind of sofa according to your taste, budget and décor of the room. Here I’ve tried to pick a few sofas.

Loveseat Sofa: It is especially designed for double seating. This sofa is an excellent choice to enjoy romantic evening with your life partner while watching a movie, chatting or playing a game. So it is called ‘Loveseat Sofa’ which is similar to couches but smaller in sizes. It is nicely carved with superb craftsmanship and wooden finishing enhances the look of sofa.

Love seat Sofas

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Contemporary living room furniture

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Contemporary living room furniture offers warm welcome to the guests with the sense of comfort and style. It consists of accent chairs, wicker coffee tables, end tables, ottomans, pedestal tables and normal sofas. The following are a few varieties of contemporary living room furniture.           

Accent chairs: These chairs are perfect for living room as they decorate living space nicely. Accent chairs add style, function and inventive touch to the loveliness of your living room as they are available in different designs and sizes and can be moved anywhere easily.  Such chairs are made from brightly colored fiberglass or from acrylic.   

Ottomans: they are used for sitting and storage purposes as well. Ottomans are available in all sizes - from small to big and are used as a coffee table, footstool etc. You can try from a variety of ottomans like air ottomans, storage ottomans, upholstered ottomans and round ottomans. Upholstered ottomans offer relaxation to feet besides giving place for sitting. Air ottomans are available in a variety of colors and can be packed easily. Such ottomans are easy to inflate and deflate.

Upholstered Ottoman

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Wall accents boost up the beauty of walls

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Do you want to give new look to the plain walls of your house? Then wall accents are the right choice for the décor of walls as they create amazing look to interior beauty. Well decorated walls with artwork on them enhance the beauty of house. Here are given some tips to increase visual beauty of walls. 

  •  Apply romantic themes on walls of bedroom: The pictures of romantic emotions or warm ideas usually make bedroom walls more beautiful. Place a board to gather cards, photographs of heroes in kids’ room for their interest.         
  •  Hang wall paintings in living room: Hang statues and pictures of harmonious themes on walls to welcome guests. You can display pictures of hunting themes. Wall scones can be enhancing to the walls of your living room.  
  • Create beach effects on walls of bathroom: Hang paintings of starfish and blue sea giving effects of beach and blue sea on walls. Apply fixtures with mirrors using towel bars, soap dishware and other accessories of similar colors.
  • Enhance visual beauty of exterior walls: you can apply creative approach putting a label and outside wall papers available in different styles, sizes and colors to accent exterior walls.     

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Dining Room Flooring

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

Attractive dining room flooring offers tranquil feel while dinning in the room. It should be durable under damp conditions. Also it should endure dangers of moisture from spills.
Natural stone flooring can be one of the best options for your dining space. Here are given a few choices of dining room flooring.

  • Laminate flooring: This flooring is extremely durable, easy to clean and does not get scratches. Its surface is burn-resistant and resists scratching by pets. It requires only a damp cloth and vacuum for cleaning. Laminate flooring does not color fade; works well in moisture-prone areas and becomes perfect choice for your dining room.
  • Vinyl flooring: this flooring is durable and easy to maintain. Vinyl is available in sheets of 6 to 12 feet wide and in any required length. It is also available in luxurious tile squares suitable for finest interiors. This flooring is suitable for any budget and provides aesthetic beauty for years.

Vinyl flooring

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Warm winter tips

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

To add warmth to your living room/ house during winter season, you can apply following warm and cozy tips.

Utilize heavy fabrics: Heavy fabrics give more warmth. Bed sheets and cushions in energetic colors provide warmth to your bedroom. Multiple cushions add cozy feeling while velvet gives soft feel.  Heavy blankets, quilts in bright colors and other embroidered cloths give cozy feel in winters. You can utilize furs and velvets to keep yourself warm in winter season.

Apply bonfire for warm feel: create bonfire which looks amazing and helps to boost up the romantic mood.  Wood lampshades and bright antique pieces in drawing rooms will look wonderful.
Try bright colors/ wall paints: Apply richer color accents like red or ruby, deep chocolates, pine greens, amber, gold etc. all through the house. Bright wall paints like sunflower yellow, pink etc. can add to the warmth of your house. You can use a square or rectangle rug with favorite color to compliment the table or chair in the room.  

using heavy fabrics for warm winter

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Tips for Drawing Room Furniture

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

The furniture in drawing room is the first impression that can make you remarkable for the style and décor of your house. Modular drawing room furniture not only has matching sofas, side tables and chairs but it is more functional and practical also when it comes to offer modern comforts. 


Luxury drawing room furniture often finds its way to large and spacious rooms that accumulate pleasant look. French cabinets easily offer more storage space. Their gentle curves add elegance to living space. You can place beautiful and classic vases, lamps and clocks at corner tables or light up decorative candles for serene look. Make use of walls space to add Venetian mirror that doubles up richness of your drawing room furniture in an instant with its intricately carved frame. Also you can place your television, stereo and other high-tech gadgets in decorative cabinets and mobile furniture with wheels. 

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Dine in royal style

Monday, August 4th, 2008

As we all know that dinning table or room is probably the only place where complete family sit together and share thoughts while having meal. Chief of the family used to sit on the first chair and other member sits in his left and right side.


By placing stylish antique furniture you can enjoy your meal with the feeling s of a royal leader.  A magical blend of your bond with family and antique furniture will really affect the mood of your complete family. For more antique dinning furniture tips click on link:

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